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School Management

School attendance is a way of ensuring that students are present and on time for classes. It can be done in person or online via a school's website. Online attendance is generally used for younger students, and it allows parents to keep track of their children's progress in class. Schools may also use digital cameras to record the faces of students who attend class, so they know who was there and when they should be marked absent.

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Islamic Prayer

Islamic prayer is the physical and spiritual act of worship that Muslims offer to God five times a day. Performed in the name of God, Allah, the Islamic prayer is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, or the foundations of Islam. The prayers are recited in Arabic, although many Muslim theologians consider their recitation in any language to be valid.

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Zikar Azkar

Zikr azkar (Arabic: زكر الأخـرى ‎) is an Islamic term meaning "remembrance of others". It is a form of remembrance that encompasses praising Allah, glorifying Allah, expressing gratitude to Allah and asking others to pray for one's needs. Zikr azkar is an essential part of the daily wird in Sufism. It is also called "zikr e rohani" or "zikr e nafsani", which means remembrance of Allah in his spiritual and physical manifestations.

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